Stephanie Landa, medical marijuana activist, failed a recent drug test  administered by the Federal Bureau of Prisons and will have her sentence extended. Her new out date is listed as June 9, 2009 [more>>>]

"Where is the Supreme Court When We Need Them?"

In 1997, Sonya Singleton was convicted of cocaine trafficking and money laundering. A cooperating co-defandant testified against her at trial. In exchange for his testimony, the government promised they would not prosecute him for "other offenses" and would bring his cooperation to the attention of the sentencing judge. It's called a 5K1.1, Substantial Assistance. [more]

A Day in the Life of a Medical Marijuana POW

Dublin, CA Mar 7, 2007 --After dozing off for the first time, the midnight count starts. Guards with heavy boots stomp by, wielding flashlights and shining them into your eyes to count bodies. Imagine dozing off again, then waking frantically at one a.m. to the loudest buzz that it makes your ears ring as everyone yells fire. Over one hundred groggy, sleepy women stumble down the stairs, side by side.

Every night [more]

Stephanie Transferred to the Federal Wing of Santa Rita Jail

Dublin, CA Jan 31, 2007 -- Stephanie Landa is, at last in the federal wing of the Dublin prison complex. She was kept in general population for almost a month, in the Santa Rita County Jail, where the conditions were so deplorable it's amazing she's still alive.

She has a new address:

Prisoner Stephanie Landa
Prisoner # 09247-800
5675 8TH ST DUBLIN, CA 94568

The phone number for the jail is:

Phone: 925-833-7500
Fax: 925-833-7599

Please everyone, now that she is in Federal prison, we can visit her all day during visiting hours, as long as we have been cleared by the jail. Write to her and ask her to send you the visitors form. At the very least, please drop her a card. Mail means the world to her, it's the only thing that brightens her day. You can also order magazine subscriptions for her, and send books, as long as they come directly from the bookstore or mail order places like

Please Write To Medical Cannabis Political Prisoner Stephanie Landa

Dublin, CA Jan 6, 2007 -- Medical cannabis political prisoner Stephanie Landa is having a rough time of it in county jail and really could use your cards and letters of appreciation and love.

Please address your cards and letters to: Stephanie Landa
c/o Santa Rita Co Jail
5325 Broder Blvd
Dublin, CA 94568

Support Rally and Press Conference for Federal Medical Marijuana Defendant Stephanie Landa

Despite recent efforts by lawyers and advocates to get the court to show mercy on 60-year old, legal patient-cultivator Stephanie Landa, she will be surrendering herself to federal marshals on Thursday, January 4th by or before 12 p.m. by court order.

Please come show your support and gratitude for Stephanie as she makes her last statement to the press from the outside along with other advocates, government officials and her counsel.

When: Thursday, January 4th, 2007
10:30 a.m. - Rally of Support and Gratitude for Stephanie Landa
11 a.m. – Press Conference
11:30 a.m. – Procession to Surrender

Where: San Francisco Federal Building
450 Golden Gate Ave., San Francisco, CA 94102

What to bring: boutonnieres (fresh, pin-on flowers), cards, hugs and good wishes

What to do when you get this message: Please forward this to everyone you know. Call all the people and organizations you know with websites, blogs or other publications and encourage them to come report on the gross injustice in this case and waste of public resources.

You can also reach the Patient Advocacy Network at 323/334-5282 or

Protest Stephanie Landa's Incarceration!

San Francisco, CA Jan 1, 2007 -- Medical cannabis patient and provider Stephanie Landa is scheduled to surrender herself over to federal authorities on Thursday, January 4th, 2007 at 1PM 12PM., Axis of Love and Patient Advocacy Network will be holding a rally, protest and press conference at 12 Noon 10:30 AM at 450 Golden Gate Ave before Ms. Landa turns herself in. We request that you bring flowers, cards, etc. to show your appreciation for Ms. Landa's bravery in the fight for safe access.

Ann Harrison wrote an article about Ms. Landa's case for the S.F. Bay Guardian entitled: "Waiting to Exhale" on June 8, 2006.

We are asking all supporters of medical cannabis to call and fax Judge Alsup and the US Attorneys Office in San Francisco to voice your anger at Ms. Landa's miscarriage of justice

Here are the numbers:
Judge Alsup 415-522-2000
US Attorney's Office: Phone: (415) 436-7200
Fax: (415) 436-7234

Thank You for visiting my site!

My name is Stephanie Landa and I am a medical cannabis political prisoner.  I, along with Kevin Gage and Tom Kikuchi were arrested in 2002 for cultivating medical cannabis in San Francisco, California. Currently, I am out on bail, awaiting appeal of my 41 month prison sentence in the US Ninth Circuit of Appeals.

Please help support my cause by purchasing from our line of fine silver jewelry.  A portion of the proceeds will be used to defray my legal expenses.


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